Armando Martinez
President and CEO
Kingsville Community Federal Credit Union

"The INTECH system has made a big difference for both us and our members. Now I see where Innovative Technology got their name!"

Steve Stoppel
Torrance Community Credit Union

"INTECH works hard to keep us happy.  Their primary focus is making sure we get the most benefit out of all their modules.  I couldn't recommend them any more highly."

Julie Steinbarger
Information Systems Manager
Freedom 1st Federal Credit Union

"I thought the move to an on-line system would eliminate my job, but since moving to INTECH, we're able to better focus our efforts on improved member services, new products and regulatory issues. We don't have to worry about purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment that can become outdated far too quickly."

To learn more about the advantages of working with INTECH, call toll free 1.877.592.4414 or email at sales@intech-inc.com.