LincOne Federal Credit Union

In 1955, a concerned group of Goodyear employees recognized the need for a place where they and their fellow workers could have their financial needs served in a cooperative atmosphere so they formed the Lincoln Goodyear Employees Federal Credit Union. The credit union grew organically over the years and eventually changed its name to LincOne Federal Credit Union and now has a community charter for all of Lancaster County, Nebraska. It is no wonder that such a stable and well run credit union would choose to partner with an organization that coupled experienced, qualified personnel with a true understanding of the credit union service philosophy for their critical data processing needs: Innovative Technology, Inc., also known as INTECH.

The President/CEO of LincOne, Jerry Barnett, has had the good fortune to have worked in the credit union movement since 1977. He started as a teller and worked through a wide range of credit union positions all the way to the corner office at LincOne in 1990. Two years after becoming President/CEO, Barnett and his team made the transition to INTECH. He recalls that “we knew that the INTECH team was comprised of credit union people developing data processing services specifically for credit unions so we were comfortable with them right from the start.” He appreciates that “INTECH has the credit union mindset that we appreciate – they are all about service.”

Over the course of the past twenty-plus years, LincOne has seen the numerous software changes, updates and major upgrades. Barnett is pleased to report that “INTECH has always worked hand in hand with us to ensure that these changes went as smoothly as possible. There is so much in their system, but everything has gone well over the years.” LincOne has a very stable workforce who knows the system well, but according to Barnett “our employees find the system flexible and easy to use. If we do have any questions or issues, INTECH support is excellent and very responsive.” As for enhancements and “wish list” items, Barnett reports that “INTECH is very proactive with their enhancements just on their own, but they are also constantly soliciting our input and are receptive to our requests and ideas.”

Even though they are a fairly small credit union at $45M in assets, LincOne offers many of the same electronic services that larger institutions provide. They use many of INTECH’s remote delivery services which are full featured and affordable – INTECH has actually been providing Home Banking to credit unions since 1994! Barnett enthuses that “our members really like our online services and our e-branch has worked fantastic for us.” Members can view their statements and check images inside the e-branch, plus INTECH delivers an open and full featured document storage system as part of their core system platform. “All of our reports, documents, statements, etc are in this non-proprietary system which gives us a lot of flexibility,” says Barnett.

As a long time INTECH client, LincOne often hosts other credit unions looking to see the system in action and perform on-site due diligence. Barnett explains that “we are happy to help out other credit unions and I tell them not to worry about conversion issues because the INTECH team has so much experience that it will go smoothly. They have our loyalty not just from the quality of their products and services, but from the personal relationships that they have developed with us.” He concludes that “I can’t put enough emphasis on INTECH’s service mentality – they truly understand the credit union philosophy of service first.”