Temple-Inland Federal CU

Temple-Inland Federal Credit Union recently signed on with INTECH as a new client partner. Temple-Inland Federal Credit Union, founded in 1950, is based in Diboll, Texas. “We’re very pleased to bring Temple-Inland Federal Credit Union on board as a client partner,” according to Tim Erwin. “It has been a pleasure for us to work with Temple-Inland’s Diane Brock and her staff and we’re confident that their members will appreciate all of the new and updated services.”

Temple-Inland Federal Credit UnionBefore we brought in INTECH we honestly felt we were meeting the needs of our members. We focused first on personal service and we followed up with sound business principals. We were comfortable with what we offered and the processes we had in place. But, we found that wasn’t enough for our members. They wanted, and expected, technologies and services that we weren’t offering. INTECH brought us into the 21st century. Now we can say we’re on par with the largest and most innovative financial institutions. And best of all, we did it at a price we could afford.

Diane Brock
Manager, Temple-Inland Federal Credit Union



One of the primary advantages of our program for credit unions is its flexibility, Erwin points out. It is constantly changing. As technologies improve and upgrades become part of financial institution services, those new offerings are brought to our existing clients for evaluation. And new clients always have the opportunity to incorporate our full line of services, or select what’s best for their individual needs. Erwin says there is no “one size fits all” program. Our business model and flexible service offerings make INTECH an excellent business partner for credit unions everywhere. We pride ourselves in PREMIER customer service and providing affordable leading edge technology solutions to credit unions of all sizes, according to Erwin.